How to Read My Bill
How to Read My Bill


1. Due Date
This date is the absolute last day to pay your total current charges before a late fee is applied. Fortunately, your EZ Pay automatic pay will go through one day before this date, which means that late fees are rare.

Example in photo:
11/7 = EZ Pay date
11/8 = last day to pay bill
11/9 = late fee is applied

2. Amount Due
This is your total payment due by your due date. If you had an existing balance for a previous bill, that amount—plus any applicable late fees—has been included in this total.

3. Total Due After -DATE-
This is your amount due plus a late fee applied on current charges. You only owe this amount if you fail to pay for the electricity you used in full by your bill due date, including
if your EZ Pay method fails to go through.

4. Previous Balance
This is your total balance from your last statement. If you did not pay it in full last month, it will be considered a Balance Forward and will be added to your current Amount Due.

5. Usage History

This chart shows you your electricity usage over the last 13 months. You can compare different months to determine how you or your family uses electricity. For exact numbers related to your kilowatt usage history, please use the chart provided in your online account.


6. Energy Charge
This charge is based on the electric energy (kWh) consumed.

7. TDU Delivery Charge
This charge is assessed by your local TDU for their services and are passed on to you without mark-up. It is the total amount assessed by a TDU for the delivery of electricity to a customer over poles, wires and other TDU facilities, not including discretionary charges. TDUs charge the same delivery fees regardless of which electricity REP you choose. You can think of it like a shipping or delivery charge when you order something online. See your TOSA for more details.

8. This amount is calculated by adding the Energy Charge and TDU Delivery Charges together. Both have already been rolled into the amount you pay per kilowatt hour (see example below).

(Energy Charge + TDU Delivery Charges)/Usage = Price Per Kilowatt Hour