Texas Electricity FAQs

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A TDU—or Transmission and Distribution Utility—is the local utility company that owns and manages the poles, wires and meters that carry the power to your house. When you have a power outage, this is the company that you call to make a report. Find a list of TDUs here.

A REP—or Retail Electric Provider—sells you electricity. 4Change is a REP and we believe we’re the best REP in the state of Texas. We are ready to provide you with electricity plans with low prices and exceptional customer service.

Your TOSA—or Terms of Service Agreement—provides information regarding your service with 4Change Energy. This document—as well as the YRAC, EFL and enrollment documentation—comprise our contract with you. In the TOSA you’ll find terms and conditions about your electricity product, including contact information for 4Change and all area TDUs, 4Change product types, fees, and information on deposits and contract termination.

Your EFL—or Electricity Facts Label—outlines valuable details specific to your service plan, including your rate, term, renewable content, certain fees, and more.

The YRAC—or Your Rights as a Customer document—covers rules that were adopted by the Public Utility Commission to protect, you, the consumer. Among many things it addresses billing issues, meter reading and testing, complaint resolution, and your privacy rights.

They can be found in your welcome email from us, when you log in to your account under Manage My Service, or in the 4Change Energy Mobile App on the home dashboard

Lucky for you, Texas law allows most Texas consumers to pick their own retail electric provider and electricity plan. In doing so, it creates a more competitive market, which in turn, gives consumers more choices, lower rates, and better service. Texas is one of only a handful of states that allows consumers the ability to choose their electricity service provider.
However, San Antonio, Austin and a few other areas throughout the state are in a closed market and must obtain service from a monopoly provider.

Smart meters—also called advanced meters—provide detailed information on your energy usage throughout the day and can be read remotely. Your TDU owns and maintains smart meters.

Renewable energy is generated from natural resources, such as wind and solar energy. At 4Change Energy, you can either select one of our existing green plans or upgrade any plan to green energy for $6.95 a month.

We take your privacy seriously, and we recognize our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your information. To learn more, , our complete privacy policy can be viewed here.