Types of Electricity Plans in Texas

Learn How to Choose the Electricity Plan That's Right for You

Fixed Rate Plans vs. Variable Plans

At 4Change Energy, we like to give you options. Some people like set terms and prices. Others want the flexibility of chasing rates month to month. Either way, we're here to help you make smart decisions about your electricity service and fill you in on some of the basics.

Fixed Rate Electric Plans
These plans have a minimum service term of three months and a rate that remains the same for the length of the term, typically fixed at 1000 or 2000 kilowatt hours. People like these plans because they can protect you from fluctuations in energy prices that tend to occur in peak months. Common term lengths are 6, 12 and 24 months, and typically carry fees for canceling service before the end of the term.

Variable Rate Electric Plans
These plans have month-to-month rates that can change at any time and tend to fluctuate with current market prices.

Choosing Your Term Length

Moving into an apartment? While many people assume that they should choose a term length that matches the length of their lease, that's actually not necessary. We'll happily transfer your service to your next residence as long as it's within our service area at no penalty. Since our 12 month plan typically has the best rate, we like to suggest it to our customers.

Moving into a new home? If you're moving into a home, you're probably planning on staying for quite some time. Your best option in this case is to choose the longer term plans, such as a 12 or 24 month plan. You'll enjoy a low fixed rate that will protect you from price fluctuations over the next year or two. Even better, you won't have to worry about renewing for awhile or managing your account unless your payment information changes.

Managing a rental home? If one of your rental homes is currently empty while you prepare for your next tenant, a month-to-month plan would be best. You'll have to freedom to sign up when your current tenant is moving out and keep the power going until your next one moves in.

Determining the Right Plan for Your Usage

Not all plans are alike, especially when it comes to their pricing structures. Make sure to take a look at your last few invoices from your current or previous electricity provider. Once you understand the patterns in your usage, you'll know which plan will fit you best.

While the average electricity usage across Texas is about 1200 kWh per month, there's a big difference in usage when comparing apartments to homes. Customers in smaller, one bedroom apartments will typically use between 500 and 1500 kWh per month. On the other hand, customers in a 3-4 bedroom home will often near the 2000 kWh range each month. It's best to choose a plan that is priced for your home, and the basic price structures are set at 500, 1000 and 2000 kWh.

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